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16th February 2014

Audio post with 5 notes - Played 30 times

ahh oh no this cover is probably a year old but like every utau thing I do I wanted to hold off until I got some art done and it never fully happened orz

anyway yup first full cover with Oka and Daat together yayyy This is what actually started the RPG Fantasy designs for everyone which I will have to explain another time ;;;

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23rd November 2013

Photo with 12 notes

I got my ticket for the long way ‘round…

I got my ticket for the long way ‘round…

Tagged: utaunanane okautau artutau coverman it's her birthday she deserves a better cover than this

18th December 2012

Video with 8 notes

Guess who nabbed Nagisa~~

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23rd November 2012

Video with 7 notes

The beta Soft Append is finally released!

Happy 3rd birthday, Nanane Oka!

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12th November 2012

Video with 2 notes

Fun fact this was actually finished for a few weeks now but I never got around to rendering the video until today because of issues orz

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12th September 2012

Audio post with 2 notes

Remember a looong time a go when a certain someone said Oka would sound nice singing this song?

I’d probably have to agree with that. I’d agree with it more if I knew how to mix and pitchbend better orz

Tagged: utauutau covernanane okaSix Trillion years and an Overnight Story

Source: SoundCloud / AnMeiChan

28th August 2012

Audio post with 3 notes

Just a quick cover to test out Oka’s soft bank. At least now I know which syllables I need to redo.

The song is Rainbow by Round Table feat. Nino, and is the first ending to the anime Aria the Animation.

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Source: SoundCloud / AnMeiChan

20th June 2012

Video with 4 notes

In the end, this turned out as one of those things that you work on for so long that you get kind of tired of it and can’t tell if it’s any good anymore orz

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3rd June 2012

Video with 2 notes

She’s improved so much, I’m so proud of her :’D

Source link leads to the cover art on DA.

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10th May 2012

Audio post with 2 notes - Played 50 times

I just want to put this up because I feel like I mixed it better than Oka’s version?

Odd never sounds like a guy but I think he’s especially androgynous here orz

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