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19th April 2014

Audio post with 3 notes - Played 29 times

first time touching UTAU in 6 months anD IT’S FOR THIS???

Tagged: snippetadriannvtagging you because loOK WHAT YOU DIDended up using her soft bank because her normal one is so amazingly awkward wow what was I doing all this time

9th November 2013

Audio post with 4 notes - Played 30 times

I probably should’ve asked if that melody was from a certain song because if it was I took it in the wrong direction whoops

Tagged: kerosempainanane okayura taenarusnippetI want too add more parts for all the ONDYS but I even can't figure out just these two parts haaa

8th December 2012

Audio post with 7 notes

Practice with English and ending breaths.

I’m….getting there….

Tagged: nanane okasoft appendutausnippet

Source: SoundCloud / AnMeiChan

15th November 2012

Audio post

I wish my soft append could sound a little more distinct orz

right now it just sounds like a lower quality version of her normal bank

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Source: SoundCloud / AnMeiChan

17th August 2012

Audio post with 2 notes - Played 10 times

quick, short, and horribly mixed, but I wanted to put up something to show how much Aruki has improved after finally getting that handful of problem syllables redone aaaaahhhhh

I’m planning on rereleasing this UST, but I just need to figure out the harmonies in the chorus. If anyone’s got a better ear for that kind of stuff, I’d appreciate if there’s a way you could help me out.

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30th July 2012

Audio post with 1 note - Played 20 times

Time for a trip to the 80’s woooo

Just some practice using English syllables. I probably won’t make a full cover since this is already 80% of the song ahaha.

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20th July 2012

Audio post with 8 notes - Played 80 times

Wow so Daatura_Inoxia is just super smooth and pretty and so fun to work with aaaahhhhh She kinda accentuates Oka’s awkwardness orz

They’re basically just singing a random melody and syllables here ahaha. But at least they sound good together ;w;

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30th June 2012

Audio post with 2 notes - Played 50 times

Hey so guess how I spent my Friday night.

Tagged: At least I can be proud of it for otoing from scratch ahahaStill debating about recording the rest reallyutaunanane okasnippetupdate

20th June 2012

Audio post with 5 notes - Played 50 times

One last comparison between Oka’s soft and normal banks.

The audio quality is finally the same but in exchange it doesn’t sound that much softer orz

Also these were rendered with bkh01 instead of resampler like the other comparisons since I’m starting to like it better

Tagged: UTAUnanane okasoft appendsnippetupdate

18th March 2012

Audio post - Played 20 times

You know how you come up with a good riff but you have no idea how you can expand it?

Also if anyone knows how to compose instrumentals that would help too.

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