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3rd July 2013

Photoset with 8 notes

original designs and animation of Magical Girl Oka, for her cover of Connect.

3rd drawing is by kerooster, as you can see I really mostly used the sleeves from that

the animation frames aren’t really clean but at least you get the motion

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28th March 2012


Full portraits of the Soyanes for their APATITE cover.

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4th March 2012


Full version of Aruki from her cover.

Full version of Aruki from her cover.

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4th January 2012

Post with 1 note

Full portraits of the Utaus used in the Ms. Music chorus.

Thought I’d put them here since the cover art kinda hides the poses.

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14th November 2011

Photo with 3 notes

Full portrait of Aruki for her cover of 1925.

Full portrait of Aruki for her cover of 1925.

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26th September 2011

Photoset with 4 notes

Closeups/Full versions of the portraits in Nekomimi Switch.

Personally, I think Oka turned out the best -w-

Aruki’s note is upside-down because she’s upside-down in the actual video, but I guess it works like this too XD

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9th September 2011


Just showing how the portrait looks without the apple in the way.

I drew in the mouths for all the expressions, even though I knew no one would see them.

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