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19th April 2014

Audio post with 3 notes - Played 29 times

first time touching UTAU in 6 months anD IT’S FOR THIS???

Tagged: snippetadriannvtagging you because loOK WHAT YOU DIDended up using her soft bank because her normal one is so amazingly awkward wow what was I doing all this time

16th February 2014

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ahh oh no this cover is probably a year old but like every utau thing I do I wanted to hold off until I got some art done and it never fully happened orz

anyway yup first full cover with Oka and Daat together yayyy This is what actually started the RPG Fantasy designs for everyone which I will have to explain another time ;;;

Tagged: utauutaucontentnanane okadaaturautau cover

23rd November 2013

Photo with 12 notes

I got my ticket for the long way ‘round…

I got my ticket for the long way ‘round…

Tagged: utaunanane okautau artutau coverman it's her birthday she deserves a better cover than this

16th November 2013

Photoset with 9 notes

They grow up so fast

Tagged: FOUR YEARS MAN EWWWWutaunanane okautau art

9th November 2013

Audio post with 4 notes - Played 30 times

I probably should’ve asked if that melody was from a certain song because if it was I took it in the wrong direction whoops

Tagged: kerosempainanane okayura taenarusnippetI want too add more parts for all the ONDYS but I even can't figure out just these two parts haaa

5th September 2013

Photo with 11 notes

I finally redrew Oka’s official portrait yayyyyyyy

I finally redrew Oka’s official portrait yayyyyyyy

Tagged: nanane okautauutau art

10th July 2013

Photoset with 2 notes

I never did put up Otomushi’s official art did I

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3rd July 2013

Photoset with 8 notes

original designs and animation of Magical Girl Oka, for her cover of Connect.

3rd drawing is by kerooster, as you can see I really mostly used the sleeves from that

the animation frames aren’t really clean but at least you get the motion

Tagged: nanane okautaufull artwork

2nd July 2013

Video with 8 notes

the visual’s not perfect but the video turned out the way I wanted to yayyy

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28th June 2013

Video with 3 notes

Finally after three months of procrastination and struggling I think I got him to sound decent yayyy

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